Frequently Asked Questions...

All you need to know about our services...


*  These FAQ's refer to our delivery service only.  In-school service is available throughout the entire Southeast of England

Q. What is your delivery area?


Q. How often does the menu change?

Typically every fortnight, however we do offer a bespoke service

Q. Is the menu set or can I choose from different meals on your menu?

Normally we offer a set menu, however some schools prefer a menu which offers more variety to choose from

Q. Do you cater for specific dietary requirements?

Yes. Religious and other dietary requirements are catered for individually

Q. Our meals are delivered, how is it transported?

Hot Meals are transported in hot thermal boxes, which maintains temperature for 4+ hours

Q. How do you monitor food temperatures?

Hot and Cold menu items are temperature probed and recorded when leaving our kitchen. When the food is delivered, the delivery driver probes the hot food again and records the temperature for due diligence. We strongly suggest the temperatures be taken and recorded again on the premises before serving

Q. Can your food be frozen or reheated?

Our meals can be reheated, however we do not recommend freezing

Q. Can you cover chef holidays and absence?